Indonesia Bisa! The 7 pillars of Biz Success In Indonesia

The must-know SUCCESS factors for anyone interested in doing business in Indonesia. Participants will benefit from REAL practical tips and shortcuts that will boost your success rate in negotiations. Most importantly, to close, manage and sustain your business deals in Indonesia hassle free!

Who Should Join?
This is a ONE day only workshop (3 hours) for those who want to be successful in dealing with their Indonesian counterparts and doing long-term businesses in Indonesia.

Areas of Discussion:
1. Know Indonesia Geographically
2. Understand The Social and Business Cultural
3. Economic Structural Control of Indonesia
4. The Best Candidate for the Job
5. Business Mentality of Indonesians
6. Business Attitude of Foreigners
7. The Hidden Costs behind a Business

With the acquiring of these skills, you will be walking and working in Indonesia confidently!

Refreshments will be provided!

Indonesia BISA!