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Sun Tzu (or Sūn Zǐ in pinyin) was a 500 BC Chinese general, military strategist, and author of The Art of War, an immensely influential ancient Chinese book on military strategy. Many great leaders like Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan studied his work and became legendary leaders. Many corporate leaders paid thousands of dollars to attend courses to learn Sun Tzu secrets.

We believe that you too can learn master Sun Tzu secrets and apply them to your work easily. This is because we take the essence and compile them into an 8-hour course that will leave you with just enough materials to serve your customers and lead your business to greater heights. Since October 2010, we have trained over 1,137 leaders coming from countries including Hong Kong, Philippines, Cambodia, Japan, Sri Lanka and even China.

The most valuable lesson out of Sun Tzu Art of War comprising 13 chapters of 5,000 words must be found in the 3rd chapter: Win Without Fighting.

As translated from The Art of War: Generally, in war the best thing is to take the enemy state whole and intact; to ruin it is inferior to this. To capture the entire army is better than to destroy it. Hence, to win on hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill.

To subdue the enemy without fighting is supreme excellence. In short, win without fighting is the best.

How does it apply to your CUSTOMER SERVICE?

  1. ‘Enemy’ here refers to not your enemy but your customers, both internal and external, both free and paid customers, that you are serving and managing everyday
  2. ‘Take the enemy state whole and intact’ means you must serve your customers wholly not just with your company’s policies and procedures but also your entire team’s hearts and souls
  3. Never destroy the bodies, minds, hearts and spirits of your customers. You also cannot break their hearts by not delivering on your promises and make them give up on you. Finally, you may destroy their spirits when you unknowingly make them a fool in front of others, especially in difficult situations.
  4. To ‘win without fighting’ in customer service is to serve your customers without having to fight with your own internal organization. Specifically, serving your customers shouldn’t be at the expense of your company’s profits
  5. A service provider is at his best when his customers hardly know he serves them. This is because the service provider has served without serving, he puts service as his life’s highest purpose and every little action of his is about putting customers first, yet he never feels the strains of serving customers.
  6. If you too want to be a great service provider, learn the strategies and tactics of the Art of War from one of the masters in this field.

1. Sun Tzu Art of War 孙子兵法 simplified and clarified
2. Myths and truths of the art of war and the author Sun Tzu
3. Key elements of Chinese culture and wisdom, especially on Wu Wei and Humility, and how do they apply to your customer service now
4. How knowing Sun Tzu Art of War will help you serve and manage customers better
5. Applying the Five Elements of Sun Zi (Mission, Climate, Ground, Head and Methods) to your customer service now
• Demonstration of how to serve a difficult customer using the 5 Elements
• Your case study of service recovery using the 5 Elements
6. How to ‘Know yourself Know Others’ by knowing the different types of customers and what do they need the most
7. Sun Tzu 6 Strategies of War to serve customers efficiently and effectively
• Exercise on how to cut a piece of wood with paper
• Top 20 Ways to serve customers from the heart using Sun Tzu 6 Strategies
8. Engaging people with Sun Tzu’s Art of Deception or 计
9. Dealing with Difficult customers using Sun Tzu 'Fire' and ‘Terrain’ strategy
10. Using The 36 Stratagems 三十六计of 'straight' and 'odd' in dealing with customer issues
11. The Ultimate in Sun Zi: Take the entire Nation (body, mind, heart & spirit)

• Practical Ideas to be an effective service provider
• Align entire customer service team to achieve Real Results
• Increase Productivity & Teamwork
• More impetus to achieve more with less
• Happier and more Fulfilling Life!

• AndyTheCoach has use Sun Tzu Art of War and 36 Stratagems to apply in customer service. I like the part on Besiege Wei to Save Zhao and Kill with a Borrowed Knife
Andrew Tan, CFO, Visa International Pte Ltd

• Very inspirational. I enjoyed the movie clips with the right messages driven. Thanks AndyTheCoach at
Eileen Quek, Operations Manager, Knight Frank Estate Management

• Today's training by AndyTheCoach on Sun Tzu Art of War on customer service lets me know what I do not know, especially the part on knowing people. I like the use of the 5 elements, especially the use of positioning
Dr Sangeeta Biswas, Ma