Psychological Selling E-Learning

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Customers have certain psychology and if we could understand their psychology and go along with them, they will buy from us automatically.

Psychological Selling is connecting with people's hearts and get into his inner world with the purpose of solving his problem. It is like the doctor who always does consultation before he dispenses any solution (medicine) to the patient. And of course, the doctor must connect with the customer or the customer will not share openly with the doctor. The doctor gets the customer to open up with him by showing concern and having a real connection with him.

Whether you have been selling all your life or you are new in sales, you need to move from hard selling to heart selling. Master the art of Psychological Selling and you’ll see your sales soar.

What you will bring back from this course include:
1. Know why most people are selling the seller's way how this will not work
2. The science of selling the way people buy
3. How to seek first to understand then to be understood with the art of rapport building
4. How to find out not just reasons but strong reasons for people buying from you
5. The effective 9 ways to make your offer not just attractive but irresistible WITHOUT dropping your price

What am I going to get from this course?
• Learn how to sell without selling and how to sell anything to anybody, at any time and at any price
• In this course we will teach you how to sell the way buyers buy, which is the scientific way we called Psychological Selling
• We will also share with you questions that you can ask to get people to reveal to you their inner needs

What is the target audience?
• People in Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, Business Development and Entrepreneurs
• Self-employed people in Property, Financial Planning, Professional Service and Network Marketing

This is a 100% online video course at Udemy